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  • Power Integrity Lab Manual Frequently Asked Questions: Update #2

    Here's an updated running list of commonly asked questions regarding my new power integrity lab manual. Contact me here if you have questions or would like more information.

    • When will the book be available?
      • Editing continues to go well and the book is on target to launch over the summer. The editing has entered the formatting stage so I'm finally getting a more accurate page count -- at the

Thierauf Design & Consulting: Signal Integrity Design, Analysis & Training

highspeedcircuitboardsignalintegrity2edHigh-Speed Circuit Board Signal Integrity, 2ed edition

This second edition is an extensive rework of the first edition, and includes updates and a great deal of new material.

Click here for a synopsis.

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You can see the Table of Contents by clicking here (and scrolling down, nearly to the bottom of the page).

To purchase, Click here if you're in North America, or click here if in you are Europe or Asia.

It's also available from many other book sellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Educators or others wishing to purchase copies in bulk can contact me here for discount details.


About Thierauf Design & Consulting

Thierauf Design & Consulting is an electronic hardware design and consulting firm located in Massachusetts.

I have over 40 years of industry experience designing and debugging hardware in the computer, networking, industrial and embedded systems industries. Although I've engaged with clients large and small, I espicially enjoy working with startups and small firms. You can find more about me by clicking here.

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