Thierauf Design & Consulting: Signal Integrity Design, Analysis & Training

thierauf lab manual coverA sample chapter from Introduction to Signal Integrity: A Laboratory Manual is available.

Click here to download the PDF (you must be able to read PDFs in Version 9 or later). The file contains the Table of Contents, the entire Preface and part of Chapter 5 (but some graphics and text have been removed). Note that the print quality of the actual manual is much better than that presented in the sample chapter.





Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Signal Integrity Background Material
Chapter 2 Transmission Line Fundamentals
Chapter 3 Laboratory Exercises: Impedance and Delay
Chapter 4 Overview of Reflections and Terminations
Chapter 5 Laboratory Exercises: Reflections and Terminations
Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Crosstalk
Chapter 7 Laboratory Exercises: Measuring Crosstalk
Appendix A. Test Setup Build Notes
Appendix B. Selecting and Preparing the Cable
Appendix C. Oscilloscope Probing Techniques