Thierauf Design & Consulting: Signal Integrity Design, Analysis & Training

Rather than responding to everyone individually, I thought I’d post the Table of Contents for the 2ed edition here:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Circuit Board Signal Integrity

Chapter 2 Circuit Board Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance

Chapter 3    Transmission Lines

Chapter 4 Driving and Terminating Single Ended Transmission Lines

Chapter 5 Losses in Transmission Lines

Chapter 6 Understanding Trace-to-Trace Coupling and Solving Crosstalk Problems

Chapter 7 Introduction to Differential Transmission Lines and Differential Signaling

Chapter 8 Signal Return Paths and Decoupling

Chapter 9 Ceramic Surface Mount Capacitors

Chapter 10 Matrices and S-Parameters in Signal Integrity

Chapter 11 Layout Techniques and Avoiding High-Speed Signaling Pitfalls


I’m estimating the book will have about 30% more pages than the first edition. But I won’t know for sure until we’re closer to the print date.

Contact me here with further questions or if you want more information.