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It’s looking like the 2ed Edition to High-Speed Circuit Board Signal Integrity will be available by the end of May. I’ve just finished reviewing the first set of page proofs and will have a final review in March. Then it’s off to the presses!

This edition is a complete revision of the 1st edition. It’s been totally reorganized, has about 30% more figures and text, and contains lots of new material (including new chapters about reflections and terminations).

The book shows:

  • How to design circuit board traces for a specific impedance and how to terminate them
  • How to determine delay time and how to properly add intentional delay
  • How circuit board characteristics effect electrical performance
  • The electrical difference between microstrip and stripline traces
  • How to analyze, design and terminate differential pairs
  • How to analyze and mitigate signal attenuation
  • The different the types of crosstalk, how to calculate their values, and provides techniques to reduce their effects
  • The actual electrical behavior and characteristics of ceramic capacitors
  • And it introduces power integrity and thoroughly discusses the importance of signal return paths

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