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Here’s the latest regarding the power integrity lab manual.

The lab manual includes experiments showing how to measure resonance, determining the resonant frequency of DCAPs and their ESL, and how unused gates can be used to measure power supply noise.

There are also experiments to observe the frequencies (harmonics) present in the current drawn by an IC when it switches, and how DCAPs alter the impedance (for good and bad) of the PDN (the power delivery network).

Vetting and retesting of the experiments is nearly complete. In its present form the manual contains 15 experiments with detailed sample results showing you what the outcomes should be, and many additional supplemental experiments for you to try out on your own. At last count there are nearly 60 graphics (photographs, schematic drawings and graphs) and several tables of reference data and results. These stats will almost certainly change as the book is edited.

Besides the experiments the lab manual also shows you in detail how to build an optional RF voltmeter and how to build a current sensor so you can observe the switching current of IC’s (in both the time and frequency domains).

Click on this link to go to my earlier post containing some helpful background info.

I’ll soon post a detailed Table of Contents once the editing if further along. In the meantime, contact me here if you’d like more information such as an early look at a sample chapter.